Display based on trade law

Display based on trade law

Distributor Ondeoma .,Iinc., Wafuda division
Person in charge of management generalization Hiroyuki Fukuda
Address RISE88 Bld.7F, 1-1-10, Honjohigashi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 531-0074, Japan
Email address entoiawase@wafuda.jp

About sales of the commodity

Sales price It describes to the introduction page of each commodity.
Necessary charges other than commodity price Carriage (Change according to the region and the number of sheets of the order).

- Please see the <How to order> page.
Method of payment Credit Card(PayPal)
Payment time limit [Please pay in Credit Card within five days after it orders]
- The commodity becomes the print and delivered after the transfer is gotten.
Please acknowledge that the content of the order becomes invalid beforehand when the transfer cannot be gotten to the time limit.
Delivered time of commodity - Please see the <How to order> page.


About the cancellation after it orders: When the order form is transmitted, it is not possible to cancel. Please order after often confirming the content of the input when ordering.
Correspondence of defective goods, returned goods, and exchange: Neither returned goods nor the exchange on the characteristic of the commodity of production on orders can be done in principle.
However, when it misprints and the cutting mistake etc. are judged to be a mistake when the process of me is produced clearly, I will immediately exchange it for the quality item.
*Returned goods by the reason such as unsuitable for the image of the customer on the character of the commodity cannot be received.
*The damage after the commodity is delivered and returned goods due to dirt cannot correspond.
About returned goods: Please contact the time limit of returned goods me within seven days from the date of delivery of the commodity. Moreover, if it is the above-mentioned reason, the returned goods carriage is free.
*Returned goods and the exchange after seven days or more pass cannot correspond